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companies deserve
sustainable packaging.

We are the independent packaging consultancy for environmentally conscious companies!

The world is getting faster. The challenges are becoming more complex.

That is why, as packaging experts, we relentlessly strive for constant learning and growth to find answers. We want to create a sustainable interconnection between business, society and the environment. Efficient and innovative packaging greatly contributes to meeting the extensive requirements. And this is what we work towards as a holistic packaging consultancy.

Making sustainable packaging
the norm

A holistic view for a comprehensive packaging solution

To make conscious business decisions, you deserve comprehensive guidance. We will provide you with transparent insights into the market. We will explore your products, values and strategy to find subject-specific, customised solutions. This way, we make your decisions easier to find the best sustainable packaging for you.

We accompany you in this process so that sustainable changes are achieved. This is our way of creating a new awareness for sustainable packaging.


We help you translate your needs into implementable packaging solutions in a goal-oriented manner.


Sound data is the basis of our work to find the most sustainable packaging for you.


Sustainability is emotional. We want to get to know your company and your requirements in detail.


Our holistic, open-minded approach helps you to make even better decisions.

profil martin weick

I am Martin, founder of packingenieur

As a packaging engineer, I have an eye for materials, technologies and applications. As a fellow human being, I have an eye for empathy. Because today’s packaging challenges can only be resolved through collaborative teamwork.

Since 2010, I have been supporting various companies as a packaging consultant in the implementation of sustainable packaging. I graduated with a degree in packaging technology from the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig.

My way of working is detail-oriented and always emphatic. My extensive time abroad has contributed significantly to the development of my holistic view of the world. This helps me to better understand the needs of different stakeholders such as marketing and translate them into forward-thinking solutions.

Why act now?


Climate goals

The impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly clear. We cannot continue as we have been doing. We must act now and make packaging more sustainable.

New policies and laws

As part of the Green Deal, legislation is adapting to the new challenges. Packaging plays an important role in the circular economy.

Volatile markets

Our globalised world is feeling the effects of change. Resource scarcity and supply shortages make it necessary to rethink sourcing and material procurement.

Markets are adapting

The awareness of end consumers is growing. The pressure on producers and retailers is increasing.

Your customised packaging concepts

Step 1

We listen to you and get to know.

What makes your products tick and what are your sustainability goals?

Step 2

We ensure clarity in packaging technology.

Which materials, technologies or processes are really fit for purpose?

Step 3

We analyse packaging solutions holistically.

How technically, economically and ecologically sensible are potential solutions?

Step 4

We develop
sustainable packaging concepts.

What does your solution look like, and what challenges does it pose?

Our Partners

Whom can we help particularly well?

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Start-ups and SMEs

Regardless of the size of your company, we can support you in all matters concerning the implementation of sustainable packaging, especially in the food industry.

Packaging service providers

We support strategic and market-oriented packaging projects in cross-functional teams. This is the only way to successfully master all packaging tasks.


Do you need a customised, sustainable packaging solution? Tell us about your project and together we will find a suitable packaging concept for your needs!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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